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Looking for an Amazing Tattoo Artist in Los Angeles?

I provide a premium Tattoo experience, one of a kind artistry, and impeccable health & safety standards.

Akiro, Yannis, Mary, Casper, Jessica and 5000 more people are already rocking a unique Tattoo by George Drone.

Hey — I’m George “Supreme” Drone, one of the pioneers of Modern Graphic Tattoos. People mostly know me for my mixed-techniques tattoo style.

Over the years I have become very well versed in many styles and themes. One thing I love to do is to combine techniques to create an artistic outcome that looks like a mixed media painting.

When you book a session with me, we will communicate and work together to ensure that your tattoo will be a true expression of your personal journey.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. I'm not sure how many words a video is worth, but a lot for sure, so check my work in the videos and pics on this webpage and you will understand what I am all about as an artist.

@Casper Karup • Jun 29,2020

@Casper Karup • Jun 29,2020

Very cool and talented young man with an insanely creative mind. He's extremely thorough with his work and will take your idea to the next level.

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🏆 Key Styles 🏆

Key Styles

I specialize in several styles such as Abstract Art, Geometric, Black & Grey or Color Realistic, Street Art and Sketch Tattoos, Lettering, Graphic Design, Pop Art, Fine Lines, Patterns, Halftone, Watercolor, Modern Portraits, Anime, Manga, Combined Styles, Artist Studies and more. Check out the videos below!

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Do you want a new sleeve, back, or chest tattoo? A big piece or minimal?

There's no better time than now to find a tattoo artist whose style and aesthetic will complement and uplift your own tattoo design ideas.

@Christos Theodorakakos • Apr 25, 2020

@Casper Karup • Jun 29,2020

Best tattoo artist ever! Spend some time with him, explain your idea and leave everything to him. His unique creations are always eye catchers! Totally recommended!

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🔥  Check out my Portfolio  🔥

Check out my Portfolio

Friends and clients call my signature style “organized chaos”. When I'm painting and working on canvases and woodboards, I mix different media and love to combine elements and materials and create an eye catching result. This aesthetic also carries over to my tattoo work.

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Calling All
Tattoo Enthusiasts

My goal is to create unique pieces combining both of our creativity and vision for your one of a kind tailored Tattoo.

My background is in fine arts, modern painting and graffiti. I’ve now been a practicing Tattoo artist for about 10 years, 6 of which were spent in 20 different countries of Europe and throught the USA in places such as New York, California, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and more.

I strive to provide a welcoming and friendly service for you, my client, in order to create an authentic experience before, during and after your visit. We will work side-by-side to create unique and exclusive pieces of art on your skin.

How Does It Work

If you want to get a Tattoo done by me, you can book a session using the button right here 👇

The button takes you to a form where you can pick a time frame for your booking and give me all relevant info about your desired tattoo.

You will be able to pick an estimated date for our appointment.

Contact me at least a week before the date that you want to get your tattoo so that we have time to set an appointment that works for both of us.

You will also be able to enter any relevant info about what kind of tattoo you are interested in.

I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your tat and lock down the exact date and time.

Once we have talked and agreed on all the details, a deposit of $250 finalizes the booking. 

For larger tattoos requiring a full day or longer, the deposit is $800.

Deposits for no-shows or cancellations less than a week before our appointment date are non-refundable.

You can make the deposit via Venmo, Zelle or cash in person at the studio in Hollywood.

The deposit is later deducted from the final cost of your Tattoo.

After that, all you have to do is show up at the agreed upon time. Usually we start around 11:00 AM or noon.

We will work on the design together the day of the appointment.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of your tattoo will depend on a few factors. Once you have submitted the booking form I will contact you and we can get into the specifics.

Truth be told if you are looking for a low budget tattoo then maybe I am not your guy. But if you are looking for a unique high quality conversation-piece bespoke tattoo, then do hit me up via the booking form. You won't be disappointed by the results or by the experience.

Check out the prices below for a rough indication of what your tattoo may cost:

This is the starting price for getting a tattoo with me, including our initial consultation and the creation of the design as well as the actual tattooing process.

This is the price range if your tattoo will take less than half a day to complete, including our consultation, the design and the tattooing process.

The half-day rate is what it will cost if your tattoo will take about half a working day to complete, including our consultation, the design and the tattooing process.

The day rate is what it will cost if your tattoo will take a whole working-day to complete, including our consultation, the design, and the tattooing process.

To book a day session I ask for a deposit of $800. 

The deposit is part of the total final price of a tattoo and is required to reserve and commit to get tattooed a specific day and time.

It is non refundable in case of no-show or cancellation / change of the appointment day less than a week in advance. 

A no-show is when a client is 2 hours (or more) late and has not contacted me to let me know about the delay.

I’d love to not keep any deposits, work as arranged and keep up a schedule. I value and respect your time, I’m always on time and there for your booked appointment, I expect the same from you.

So how long will your tattoo take? Well it depends on a few things, like the size, complexity, how long it takes to design, how many sessions we do, etc.

The best way to get a specific price for your desired tattoo is to contact me by completing the booking form and I will get back to you so we can discuss it in person.

Each tattoo is unique, different and personal. I am not an assembly line tattoo artist and you don't want an assembly line tattoo, right?


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Tattooing Since 2012!

All my clients have a very interesting life story and I’m glad I get to meet all of you through tattooing, a hobby that became a job and after 10 years of hard work I still love doing it.

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@Suse Lorenz • May 25, 2020

@Suse Lorenz • May 25, 2020

George is a great artist PLUS a highly skilled tattoo artist in craft (who never stops honing). If you are open minded and want a unique piece of art on you canvas - ahmn skin, I meant skin... He's your man!

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Akiro, Yannis, Mary, Casper, Jessica and more than 5000 other people are already rocking a unique Tattoo by George Drone.


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